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CHI is happy to share some of our great success stories of children who have overcome their deafness and led happy and healthy lives. If you would like to share your story, please contact
Melissa Willis at 646-438-7819 or via email at mwillis@nyee.edu

Jagger Winkler is the oldest six year old you will ever meet. He has stayed more nights in the hospital than his parents ever will; he has flown so often to see doctors that he is a United Premiere Executive and has had the rare experience of learning to walk twice.

Brendan Vasanth, age 5 ½, was diagnosed with profound sensorineural hearing loss at 1 month after failing the newborn hearing screening. There was no family history of hearing loss but it was later determined the loss was due to a mutation in the Connexin 26 gene, the most common cause of childhood deafness.

Kate Vasanth, age 2 ½ hearing loss was diagnosed during prenatal testing and confirmed shortly after birth. Like her older brother, the cause of hearing loss was due to the Connexin 26 gene. She received hearing aids and started speech therapy at 4 weeks of age, received her first cochlear implant at 6 months of age and her second at 9 months of age.

Tarlow “Lulu” Topkins, age 3
Tarlow “Lulu” Topkins, age 2 ½, was born with eyes wide open, immediately taking in the world around her. She was so alert that her parents assumed the best when she failed the Newborn Hearing test at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Caleb Choe , age 7
After struggling with hearing aids for three years, Caleb finally received his first cochlear implant last year. His parents will always remember Caleb walking from the Ear Institute after his activation and wondering what “that sound” was – they were birds.