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About Us

Founded in 1983 by Dr. Simon Parisier and his wife Elaine, The Children’s Hearing Institute has dedicated itself to helping children with hearing loss and their families. In the past three decades, The Institute has pioneered research, education, and therapeutic efforts that have immeasurably improved the lives of deaf children.

The mission of The Children’s Hearing Institute is to raise awareness to fund programs to benefit infants and children with deafness, hearing loss and other auditory disorders in order to:

  • Provide them with hearing.
  • Empower them to develop essential auditory, speech and language skills commensurate with their hearing peers.
  • Enable them to achieve academic success and join the mainstream of education.

Among the Institute’s most significant accomplishments is its support of work with Cochlear Implants. In 1979, Dr. Parisier began his groundbreaking work with this device, which is surgically placed in the cochlea, restoring sound to deaf ears. Recognizing that surgical intervention alone would not ensure a child’s successful acquisition of the skills needed to develop listening, spoken language, thinking and learning, Dr. and Mrs. Parisier founded The Institute to develop and fund research and a variety of educational and clinical services that support a child’s development and education. In addressing the "whole child" approach, our diversified programs focus on three main areas: addressing a child’s medical and clinical needs; educating the professionals that work with them on an academic level; and providing their parents with the information and guidance needed for the child's lifetime success.

Thanks to the generosity and giving spirit of our donors over the past 30 years, it is truly remarkable to look back at the milestones we have reached, goals we have accomplished and, more importantly, the lives of the many children and families who have benefited from our services.

As we begin our 4th decade, CHI remains focused on the fact that hearing loss is America’s number one birth defect and leading disability. Effecting more than 38 million Americans of all ages, hearing loss continues to be increasingly recognized as a public health crisis and we count on philanthropy more than ever to enhance our research capabilities, expand our educational outreach, further our innovative treatments for children and essentially...turn hope into hearing.